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Recouping after a week of multiple events...

Last week was a whirlwind to say the least! How I ended up booking 4 events for the same week is beyond me but being a small business I NEVER SAY NO! With that being said we had two weddings, a private dinner party and a bridal shower to finish up the weekend. When taking on multiple jobs I really try to plan out my week. From which days the flowers come in to production days and what they will consist of. I consider myself a hard worker but by no means did I get this work done by myself. My mom helped with costumers (just because you take on a lot of work doesn't mean the store closes lol) A friend helped early in the morning Wednesday to cut in a majority of

the product needed for the events and lastly another dear friend helped the remainder of the week designing along side of me and helping with the set up of both weddings. So going back to the title of "RECOUPING" well lets just say that come Monday there was a TON of clean up in the backroom! The store itself had been neglected for a whole week. Sweeping, watering

plants, consolidating merchandise, redoing displays the list goes on!! The fortunate thing about the recouping week is that the first week of July is typically not busy for florist. So, I really had the time to do all things needed to put ourselves back together again and to put a cherry on top the week ends with a holiday! Before I leave you I just want to make mention of the few images I uploaded of some the fun stuff we got to design

for wonderful costumers who I

now consider friends! CHEERS

TO YOU..........Have a wonderful

4th of July and Thank you


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