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Despite the forecast, Live like its SPRING!

Despite the weather that we've been faced with and the up and down mood swings of Mother Nature, Lets live like its already Spring!! Owning a flower shop you always have to be one step ahead of each holiday season so with that in mind I've been searching, seeking and shopping (my favorite part) for ALL NEW SPRING ITEMS! A little bit of this and a little bit of that add up to a bowl of goodies for you and your inside/outside gardens. From rustic clay pots to galvanized garden markers it is on its way! When looking for new items for spring I always stay true to my loves and what I hold close to my heart..... Moss, Rustic, Vintage so each and every item was picked with those in mind. Each one of the

rustic terra cotta pots are unique in their own way with each little inperfection, not one being the same. Unique trowels forged out of iron, woodland twig nests inlayed with feathers and moss, cool expandable wire baskets for gathering and reclaimed wood garden shelves just to name a few. All this NEW merchandise is starting to trickle in so don't miss out! Stop by and get a piece inspiration of spring and bring it to life in your home despite what its doing outside. Regardless........ you should come and see me. Lets talk about whats new with you or maybe one of your plants needs some extra love and attention. Bleached Butterfly will be your local resource for all of these wonderful things.

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